Review Benton Dear My Best Friend Bar

Hello ! I am back with another review. This time it’s about Benton Dear My Best Friend Bar. Yes, Benton has just recently released a new product and it is a soap bar! I was lucky enough to be one of the reviewers to be picked to review this product and I happen to have won as one of the best 21 reviewers out of 100 people in total too! First reviews were posted to my instagram but on separate posts for face and body reviewed, so this entry will have the complete both reviews 🙂

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Review : Natural Pacific Fresh Herb Origin Serum 50 ml


I never wanted to get anything with a dropper before because they usually come in a mucho tiny bottle and high prices… But Natural Pacific Fresh Herb Serum has soooo many anti-oxidant ingredients that are supposed to go against wrinkles, relax the skin and balance oil, moisture, and tone.  But let us see.

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