3CE Stylenanda Mood Recipe Lip Color Mini Kit 2 [REVIEW & SWATCH)

You read it right, 3CE Stylenanda Mood Recipe Lip Color Mini Kit 2 [REVIEW & SWATCH)! It is the Mini Kit 2, not the Mini Kit 1 🙂


Brand : 3CE, Stylenanda
Type : Lipstick Kit consisting of 5 mini lipsticks
Official websiteStylenanda
Price : USD 51

So there are two kinds of 3CE Mood Recipe Lip Color Mini Kit, the first one on the left is more of the nude/pale/brown colors, while the second kit is more of the combination of brownish and pinkish/brown color. They cost the same price.




Above picture shows the swatches from the official website and on my own arm (bottom picture as well). I used several streaks without having to repeat them after I deemed the colors shown are already fine enough.


Swatches of 3CE Stylenanda Mood Recipe Lip Color Mini Kit 2. Whenever I took pictures of this kit, I lined them up in accordance with their shades. I think #218 should not start first as it is pinkish color, while #219 and #220 are matte nude brownish colors, so the pinks go with pinks, mkay. Lipsticks of the same color ranges flock together, as they say.



3CE Stylenanda Mood Recipe Lip Color Mini Kit 2 [REVIEW & SWATCH). Click each picture for bigger resolution. My lips are not a model, but I am the closest you can get if you want to know how the colors will look like on a regular person.😚 👍🏻 You can see the difference of the advertised colors and how they look on me. Camera brands and lighting play a big role too here.

I always use a little petroleum jelly on my lips  before each use of lipstick so my lips are moisturized enough.

#219 BRILLIANT: the palest nude color in the kit is also the most drying of them all. Despite me using a petroleum jelly on lips before, it manages to sit and accentuate my lip lines, or even promotes cracking between them, and leaves my lips very dry afterwards. The color is not pigmented enough either.
#220 HIT ME UP: More brick color and much less drying and much more pigmented than #219. The lipstick is fine if you like this color and want to purchase the full-size.
#218 MIRRORLIKE: This is the most confusing lip shade in the kit. I applied the lipstick on my lips dozens of time and the color was NOT showing up. You could say that the color is too similar to my real lip color, or that the color is just not pigmented enough, or not pigmented at all. Most of the time, whenever I reached to this lipstick shade, I ended up using other lipsticks and this shade would end up getting buried. RIP.
#221 MELLOW FLOWER: It does not seem too matte for me. It is not drying and the color is as seen on picture. Just a regular red color. I would never use this shade on its own tho, I will definitely always mix and match it with other lipstick brands for making gradients.

#222 STEP AND GO: the most pigmented of them all. Two streaks of application is already more than enough. I can use it on my inner lip area for making darker gradients. I like this lipstick’s performance, but I would also not use it on its own. But I can see reaching out to this shade the most among other shades from this 3CE Stylenanda Mood Recipe Lip Color Mini Kit 2.


To sum up this 3CE Stylenanda Mood Recipe Lip Color Mini Kit 2 [REVIEW & SWATCH), I am not too impressed. I will definitely not be buying the full-sized versions, as the colors are nothing special to begin with.

The driest award goes to #219 BRILLIANT, while the least pigmented award goes to #218 MIRRORLIKE. The most pigmented goes to #STEP AND GO.


But I love the idea of a mini kit. I rarely finish up my lipstick stash, and they go bad/dry/expire before I can actually use them all up. At the same time, I am not a big fan of sample-sized products, I tend to forget or avoid them altogether. So having a mini kit, where you can get 5 minis from one box, you can try many different colors, use them up, and see before committing to a full size version.

But should you try this 3CE Stylenanda Mood Recipe Lip Color Mini Kit 2? Don’t make me prevent you from doing so. People have different original lip colors and skin colors can show a difference on how the lipsticks will end up looking on individual lips. I am not too happy with how they perform on my lips, my skin color, my lip color, but they can probably look great on you. Or maybe you just want to have more collection. I am just one person on the internet anyway, do not give me too much power to decide your lipstick-purchasing decisions.


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