Food Galore and food reviews in Paris, France

Hello guys, Superskinbaby here! Eat, eat, eat, and eat! If you are curious about what I have digested so far in Paris the past two months, come take a look!

I have gathered some documentations of the meals I ate at restaurants, ordered online for home delivery and some small sweet snacks or breads I got at the local bakeries and supermarkets. I do cook for several times and eat regular sandwiches, but I did not take pictures of all of them. Some days, I just starve… you know, the regular diet regime of a student…

I don’t remember many of the restaurants’ names featured here! I am just giving you the big picture of how foods look like in Paris sooooo, keep reading if you are interested to know 🙂

First one, this was at a restaurant in Norway, Oslo but I will just put it here too lol. The close-up steak video is available on the vlog video on my YouTube channel. The restaurant is specialized in rib steaks, and rib steaks are the only menus they have actually… the rib steaks 250g came with potatoes and sauces of choice. The plates were heated up to make sure your meal is warm for longer. Everything was delish!


These are Poke bowls. Poke bowls have lots of veggies and many are vegetarian, while other menus consist of chicken or fish. I decided to have grated carrots in replacement of rice, and I regretted it so much! I have come in decision that I don’t like carrots lol. Poke bowls also have this typical tangy taste from their sauce (I don’t know the name of) and it is better to mix them properly in my opinion. It is a nice menu for someone like me who needs to eat more veggies, tho. I tried a salmon poke bowl, and it was amazing. Will try it again for sure one day! One poke bowl commonly costs around €10-15.


Ugh, macaroons. Who doesn’t like them?! They are so soft and less sweet than in Indonesia. What is wrong with Indonesian foods / snacks that are generally diabeetus-loaded?!


No idea why there are Indian foods in the middle of my selfie here… Hope you can enjoy the nice view even with the plate pictures… Jokes aside, these Indian menus are great. I particularly always order Naan cheese whenever I go Indian. I was eating lamb curry with almonds and tried some chicken curry as well. The basmati rice was loaded with some green leaves and peas, definitely created a richer taste to the rice. I never thought much about Indian foods in Indonesia, but the naan I tried in Indonesia tasted soooo much different from the naan here in Paris. So did the curry.


Because I was curious, I tried to cook a chicken curry at home and bought store-packed curry flavor. To my surprise… the curry smelled and tasted similar to the Indian foods I tried at restaurants here o_o And to tell you a bit of surprise, I went to two Indian restaurants and I couldn’t really tell the difference of curry taste from one restaurant to another. And now, somehow my cooking has a similar curry taste to those two restaurants!? Foods in Paris taste pretty identical from one place to another. Hmm, no idea what to conclude about it. Maybe the deduction is that I just have a poor bud taste? 🤔


The first Vietnamese meal I had in Paris, or in a while in my life since I last went to Vietnam a few years ago. Surprisingly a nice cuisine. It didn’t taste as spicy as it looked, and I forgot what the menu is called. But it has those thick noodles, like udon, and the beef was delicate. It was so filling too!


This was a strawberry pie I got from the supermarket. The price of pies and bread at the supermarket are half the price of the things they sell at Boulangerie (bakeries), so I did not have a high expectation for it to be good or anything special at all. But woah, it tasted delish and not too sweet! 10/10 will buy again.


Naw, this was the pudding cake I got at a Boulangerie. It was a caramel pudding cake or something. Tasted great but I mistakenly put this pudding in the fridge and it became frozen… Could have tasted better otherwise!img_20190820_163159.jpg

ERMERGERD, my MOST favoritest snack from the Boulangerie! TORNICOTTI CHOCOLAT. Some would call it a chocolate roll? But anyway, it is a croissant kind of bread that is filled with lots, and lots of choco chips and it tastes exactly like what heaven would taste like! Not every bakery carries this! And the bakery I get it from starts to make other kinds of rolls (caramel, peanuts, etc) and make the chocolate kind in less quantities. It is a shame 😦


I have eaten sushi more frequently than I ate sushi in Indonesia. The sushi is much bigger than in Indonesian and give more favorable menu choices that are aligned with the price. In Paris, it is better to order per set of menu so you can get more sushi and pay less than just ordering per piece. They taste better too in Paris than in Sushi Tei…


Surely you say it depends on the restaurant? I have tried sushi from 7 different restaurants and they taste somewhat similar to each other lol. Which is great, so I can go to any sushi place at all and be happy with my meals. Sushi Tei in Indonesia has more selections tho, such as the tentacles and other types of sea foods. And the Japanese restaurants0 in Paris are mostly sushi restaurants, hence they rarely sell udons or other Japanese menus except sushi, nigiri and chicken satays.


Five Guys! I have not tried the McDonald’s here because not quite interested so far. But I did come across Five Guys, and we don’t have Five Guys in Medan, Indonesia. Five Guys is more expensive than McDonald’s or Burger Kings, their most expensive burgers are costing €11, complete. Their biggest fries are a lot! Something you can share with another person. Their chocolate milkshake is amazing *_* It stayed cold the whole time, what sorcery was that?! Their coke is not free refill.

This portion of noodles came from a Japanese restaurant that did not offer sushi. None of the workers were Japanese, or even Asian except two Chinese ladies who were the servers.  I do not trust any Asian restaurant without an Asian chef. Yes, there can be exceptions but it is just my personal default judgement. This fried udon stuff was huge but was too strong in spices (or sodium, idk) that I could not finish it despite being super hungry before.


Calzooooones. I have tried two calzones from two different restaurants, and I am loving calzones! They are typically huge and filled with lots of  cheese inside, dayuuuum~ Calzone menus are usually more expensive than the pizza menus.

Crêpes! These ones were pretty cheap by cafe standards, around €7-9 per portion. It came with one scoop of ice cream at least. The crêpe was thin and pretty basic. I would try to make my own crêpes next time. The ones I tried were quite subpar.



More steaks, shall we? I also ordered a side dish of potatoes with onions and whoa, it was the tastiest potato dish I have ever tried in my life so far! Very nice combination.




Some meh Chinese foods at a good rating restaurant on Google Map. The restaurant seating was too close to each other that I smelled something or someone throughout my stay there. I know that Paris restaurants and cafes are pretty small in general, but I would not come back to this restaurant again. The meals were nothing special, meh.

Desserts ♥ I don’t know what below picture’s meal is called but it was quite tasty T^T.  Again, the desserts in Paris are never too sweet, and in result, I had a second plate after..



Store-bought lava cakes. They tasted better than some lave cakes in Indonesia!


Lastly, duck steak and hamburger steak! The duck steak was big, lots of cuts (as pictured), I could not finish them all. The meat was tender and it was medium-rare. Ducks look tastier than chicken, but I still prefer the chicken taste!


That’s all!

See you soon in another post ♥

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