How to Move and Study in France without speaking French

Hello guys, Superskinbaby here! I am writing up about my experience on how to move and study in Paris, France. Check it out, especially if you are an Indonesian!

So you want to study in France? Here is everything to know and the detailed process to go through. Click to each section that concerns you, or just scroll to read from the top to bottom 🙂


Should you speak French to be able to study in France?

No, there are plenty of English-lectured programs in France (usually at private schools or universities) and you only need a TOEFL / IELTS proficiency test instead of French Language Proficiency tests (DILF, DELF, and DALF).

How to find where to study?

You can ask a local Campusfrance in your city, and they usually would suggest you using this website: Or you can easily google search your intended programs or schools.

I know the study program I want, how to enroll?

If it is a private school, then you must contact the school yourself from their website and see their guidelines. Many schools will ask you to write an essay, provide your previous education backgrounds, IELTS / TOEFL result and an admission fee.

If it is a public university, then you must contact Campusfrance. From the way I understand it, you can only enroll to public universities in France via Campusfrance.

How to start the visa application?

Campusfrance is an institution that is based in so many different cities in Indonesia and other parts of countries. You will be asked to make an account at CEF (they will give you the link), prepare your docs, and then make a TLScontact account.

What the heck are CEF and TLScontact?! CEF is a website for those who want to study in France, TLScontact is for anyone who wants to go to France (studying or travelling). It seems redundant, but that’s just how it is!

You should google the address of Campusfrance of your city and contact them there. They will give you a list of documents needed. It may require you getting a French translation for your documents (especially the birth certificate). List of translators will also be given by Campusfrance.

Where to apply for visa?

  • Go to Campusfrance in your city for submitting all the needed documents.
  • Make CEF account, fill up information. Campusfrance will help you if you need assistance.
  • Once the Campusfrance representative approves of your documents, you will be asked to pay for the Campusfrance fee.
  • Once the fee is paid, you get your interview in your local Campusfrance.
  • Once done, you can go to TLScontact to make an account and schedule when you want to submit the approved documents in Jakarta. Yes, you still have to go to Jakarta regardless.
  • If you have to translate your birth certificate, then the translation must be legalized by the French Embassy in Jakarta. Tell Campusfrance about it, so you can make an appointment to be on the same day with the day you go to TLScontact in Jakarta.
  • Go to TLScontact in Jakarta and prepare the money to pay a visa fee.
  • In two weeks or so, if your visa application is approved, you will have to pick up your visa that will be on your passport at Campusfrance in Jakarta (it is in the same building with the French Embassy, while TLScontact is on a different location). If you cannot pick it up yourself, then you must have a representative in Jakarta that will be your passport beneficiary. They do not have a service to send the passport to your address if you apply for a student visa. But TLScontact does have a service to send the passport to your home if you apply for a travelling visa.


Should I go to Paris to report my arrival in Indonesian Embassy even though I study in another city in France?

No, not anymore. Since year 2019, you do not need to go to Indonesian embassy in Paris to report your arrival, you can do it online instead:

I have arrived in France, now what?

Go to OFII website (link will be written down along with your passport / visa once approved) and pay for your visa validation by buying a stamp online, the fee is: €60.

How much does all of the process cost?

  • Local Campusfrance fee : Rp 2.500.000,-
  • TLScontact visa fee : €60.
  • If you need a legalized birth certificate, the legalization is around Rp 400.000,- / document.
  • French translation service per piece of paper : Rp 200.000 – Rp 250.000,- depending on the translator.
  • OFII fee once in France : €60.
  • Total: Rp 4.760.000 + translation fees depending on how many pieces of paper.

That’s all!

Hope that helped and I will be writing about the life in Paris, specifically, in the future time! 🙂

A bientôt!

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