REVIEW [JOLSE] CepoLAB Biogenic Refining Essence 100ml

Mochi mochi everyone! Superskinbaby here ♥ I am reviewing a super rare product that you may not have heard before! CepoLAB Biogenic Refining Essence!

Brand : CepoLAB
Name : Biogenic Refining Essence
Size : 100 ml
Price : $34
Where to buy :



A first essence for skin using the new biogenic substance CLEPS™ to refine skin conditions and restore energy balance of skin for clearer, brighter and healthier skin.



According to the presentation about CLEPS™, it serves four different purposes: anti-inflammation, skin regeneration, anti-glycation, and anti-aging. What caught my attention most is that the graphic shows a signification amount of wound recovery rate (which means that if you have scars, CLEPS™ will help heal the wound faster) and high collagen production in result of the existence of CLEPS™. I definitely want that extra collagen!



There are only 6 ingredients in total!


We have talked about CLEPS™, but what about Maris Aqua (sea water)?

Sea salt is packed with healthy skin-friendly minerals like magnesium, calcium, and potassium, which is exactly what makes it so beneficial to various skin conditions. It absorbs the toxins in the body and on the skin, including acne-causing bacteria, and works to treat infections and encourage the healing process.


There is no added fragrance to this essence, it smells somewhat like a medicine, but it goes away fast. The texture is super watery, like water, and it doesn’t leave any tackiness or stickiness at all. The essence is not to be “spread”, more like to be tapped or sprayed (if you get what I mean). The opening of the bottle is also great for this kind of watery essence, the liquid won’t get out in a huge amount at all.




The glass is made of glass and it is heavy! So do not worry because the bottle is sturdy. The super watery texture is easily absorbed by my skin. At first it did not feel anything hydrating or moisturizing. I never had any luck in using a skincare product of which the consistency is like water before. Even my mist has a more sleek to it. After several days being not sure what it was doing to my skin, one day I washed my face and did not dry my skin completely with a towel, instead I used this first essence right away. Oh wow, I realized what it was doing at the time!


Now I understand what it does and appreciate the texture as it has 50% CLEPS™ in the bottle. The few ingredients make the CLEPS™ as the star ingredient and be the very thing that your skin will drink up immediately after a face wash. My skin INSTANTLY feels hydrated, and that is before a toner. How amazing is that?

I have tried several “first essences”, such as Sulwhasoo First Care Activating Serum and Skin&Lab Bio Activating Essence. I am surprised I would like this CepoLAB Biogenic Refining Essence, seeing that I did not find Skin&Lab’s great, it felt so much like water and it did nothing to my skin. When this kind of product is formulated right, I appreciate super watery essence more because it goes much deeper under the skin than a serum or a toner would do. Like most first essences, they work in a very subtle way. Something you didn’t know you need until you try it.

The formula is also meant to heal skin and fit for those with acne! I have redness sometimes here and there, and small bumps soon-to-be-pimples as well, but since I incorporated Biogenic Refining Essence, my skin feels smoother. My skin feels brighter too these days, but I am using an acid and a brightening serum from The Ordinary so I am not sure which causes which.

More importantly, my skin has less rough textures, feels hydrated and healthier with this essence. The price tag is not cheap, but it works pretty quickly at giving me those effects. When you have the budget to have this step in your skincare routine, I would say, give it a try. This essence contains 50% of CLEPS™, and there is an original 90% version! But of course, the latter is more expensive. I wish CepoLAB would have a toner version of this line that will be more affordable, because I would most definitely want to try that, too!

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