REVIEW 3CE Stylenanda Take A Layer Layering Nail Lacquer

Happy weekend ♥ Superskinbaby here! I am reviewing 3CE Stylenanda Take A Layer Layering Nail Lacquer in #LASTPINK and #DAZZLINGPEACH! With lots of pictures and video review on my YouTube channel!


Brand : 3CE Stylenanda
Name : Take a Layer Layering Nail Lacquer
Type : Nail Polishes
Finish : Glossy, can be layered.
Colors : Last Pink and Dazzling Peach
Price : ~$7-$10
Video Review : Here

I was so excited to get these products to try as I am new in the world of nail polishes! 3CE Stylenanda Layering Nail Lacquer offers subtle color payoff with a glossy finish, making it easy to create gradient nails that look natural. Born from 3CE’s special triple system, the formula prevents scratches and dries quickly for long-lasting glass-like color on your nails. It nourishes and protects your nails from external harmfulness by preventing the loss of moisture with three different oils and two nourishing components. The triangle-shaped brush assists you with even application while two translucent shades become more vivid coat by coat, allowing you to achieve various styles and natural gradients on your nails. It comes with 5 different sets of colors.


How to Use

Each set comes with two different glossy colors. The liquids are very watery, so you can build up the color’s strength. To use it:

  1. Use the lighter color as a base on the whole nails. Wait until dry.
  2. Use the darker color from mid nails on the bottom to create the first layer. Wait until dry.
  3. Use the darker color again near the tip of the nails (below the first layer) to create more gradient. Wait until dry.
  4. Use the lighter color again for the whole nails as the last layer to seal the gradient.
  5. (Optional), use a transparent, glossy top coat from another brand to protect the shine.


I found out that Last Pink and Dazzling Peach may look slightly similar from the bottles when you see it in real life. These are the nails of me using Last Pink. In my opinion, the colors are too sheer to work with my skin tone. This set is best suited for those who have pale skin, as I have a medium skin tone (not too pale nor dark). The colors seem “worn off” on me in real life.





Naw, we are talking. I love this color! Admittedly, it took me three days to like the result. I don’t know if it was because of the dissatisfaction with Last Pink, so my first initial reaction was that the colors are still too sheer! But… after awhile, hey, Dazzling Peach is different from Last Pink! The colors are more vibrant and fit with my skin tone more. I would say that Dazzling Peach can work with any skin tone type, pale to dark.



Despite the Last Pink not working out for me that much, I love the vibrant of Dazzling Peach. Both of them don’t have super strong smell when I compare them to my other nail polishes from other brands (such as OPI and other drugstore nail polishes). The finish is indeed glossy, the shiniest nail polishes I have ever had so far (although I am new to manicure). The watery liquid can indeed work for layering and making that buildup to make a stronger color.


The wait time is not bad, it requires decent waiting time to get them dry. The application is smooth. The gradient result is surprisingly quite good and easy to do, especially for a beginner like me. I was worried that I would mess up the painting and it would look awful, but again, because the color is meant to be layered, you cannot fail much.

The adherence is quite nice! After several weeks and my nails grew, I was ready to take off the color and replace it with a new one, and I found out that there was no significant flaking! That is superb, seeing that I did not use any base or any other additional treatment polishes, just an extra glossy top coat to protect the shine. On top of that, the shine is indeed long-lasting, unlike other nail polishes brands I have.

I might be interested in trying other colors from them, but other colors seem to be slightly too similar with one another. So I am not sure. But if you have never tried this line before, I recommend you to check it out!


One thought on “REVIEW 3CE Stylenanda Take A Layer Layering Nail Lacquer

  1. I have never been one for nail paint, but I really like these! Especially the packaging, it’s so pretty!! I have heard of this brand before, and I wish it was more widely available where I am from. Nonetheless, this was a great review, I liked the pictures a lot as well!! Do check out my blog as well, and I look forward to reading more of your content soon! Have a great day/night! 🙂


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