The Saem 93% Jeju Fresh Aloe Mist 120 ml

Aloe mist! I love everything with aloe, they are usually cheap and do the work at hydrating my skin. Will this mist be the same?

Brand : The Saem
Name : 93% Jeju Fresh Aloe Mist
Size : 120 ml
From : South Korea
Price : IDR 169,000 ($11) at Sociolla

As usual, spray it to face in the distance of 20-30 cm for 2-3 times and let it be absorbed by your skin. It is said to be used before and/or make-up, which can also perform as a setting spray.


The cap has a wood texture, but it is made of plastic. But the packaging is simple, the green plastic bottle is somewhat tall, but the size is so great for grip! I like the “big” size, because mist usually comes in a 100 ml size, or 80 ml. But this one is bigger than usual, which is 120 ml but that makes this bottle not airplane ready.


I tried to find the ingredients online, I could not find it! So here it is. Even the product itself may not be easily found online from big online shops or from its official Korean website. So that is interesting. I wonder if they release it for Indonesian market only.

Let me type you the first ingredients:

Aloe extract (93%), alcohol, glycerin, butylene glycol, dipropylene glycol, hydroxyethyl urea, betaine, ctirus nobilis extract, houttyunia cordata extract, etc.

I don’t know what’s with mists that have alcohol. I checked the Saem aloe tub, and it does not have any alcohol at all. But the rest of ingredients look so great, a bunch of hydrating agents, urea, and even this fancy houttyunia cordata extract that I have seen in more Korean products now (such as that of Bellflower).


When you remove the cap, it shows a white plastic nozzle that looks kind of cheap and not matching the green bottle in my opinion. But hey, the nozzle works so great! The coverage and the amount of product released is perfect, the most perfect face spray I have ever used, I dare to say. I usually use two releases in one use to cover all the face. Three would be a bit many unless I missed the first spritz.

Please watch above demonstration to see its spraying skills. Now onto the review: The liquid is watery, not the oily type. But it still leaves a veeeeery hint of stickiness, that reminds me of when I finish my whole face routine. Not the stickiness that lasts forever, but kind of there, especially when I spray onto my face during the day with some natural face grease on top.

That’s the problem with mists. I don’t feel refreshed, but instead, it feels like I have some extra stuff on my already greasy or dehydrated face, which compels to want to wash my face even earlier. BUT, if I use it before make up as a toner or after make-up as a setting spray, then it’s bearable. Because that’s when my face is cleaner.

It is worth mentioning that the spray does not sting my eyes or sting my face in any way at all. If I want to use this mist during the day, I think I prefer to cleanse my face with a micellar water first and then use this mist as a replacement of toner that comes in handy when I am not at home. Apart from the wet feeling it gives, fast absorption, and watery liquid instead of the oily one, I am not sure what else to expect from a mist. I have not found a miraculous, jaw-opening mist, and this The Saem 93% Jeju Fresh Aloe Mist is not a bad one in terms of its performance in my case, but not a very spectacular one either.

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