Review CLIO Mad Matte Tint 4.5ml

Hello Lovelies, superskinbaby here ♥ I am back with another review, which is Clio Mad Matte Tint: Chai Tea Latte, Mocha Chip and Pink Stream!

Brand : Clio
Name : Mad Matte Tint
Numbers of variants : 12 colors
Price : ~IDR 200K / ~USD 17
Where to buy : Beauty Box Korea
Clio Mad Matte Tints are supposed to be watery tints that will transform into matte finish once applied on the lips. I am reviewing their three colors: Chai Tea Latte, Mocha Chip and Pink Stream.


The liquids are somewhat thick, a little goes along the way. The colors are not as identical as the advertisement, except for the Pink Stream, imo. The liquid stays wet long!! Without smudging the lips, the liquid on lips will stay wet for at least 2 hours. I would say they are not 100% matte finish, more like a velvety finish with a bit of matte. So that is an interesting fact, seeing the name of the products.

They smell good! They all smell the same, kinda fruity. It reminds me of a pen I used to have as a kid that had a perfumy smell.


First of all, knowing that they stay wet long, they are transferable. But the colors are strong, so there will still be stains on the lips. Not the kind of wishy-washy liquid. The liquid doesn’t sit on the lip lines as soon as you apply it, but just it is not a lip-balm, so of course after several hours, your lips will get dry and the colors will kind of intensify the lines’ appearance. That will happen with or without a lipstick by the way. If your lips are dry, your lips will look dry. And it is worth to mention: the lip tints are the least drying tints I have ever tried!

And surprisingly enough, they last pretty good for what it gives but they won’t stay perfect for long. The colors will stay as they are as long as you don’t eat or eat, which won’t ever happen if you are a normal human being who needs water in the span of at least 2 hours. But, their performance when you get by without eating but with a bit of drinking water, the colors on the inner side of lips will wash off a bit but overall looking, the color will still be there. If you eat and swipe your lips with tissues (which is bound to happen if you eat), then the colors will diminish a large amount too.


Despite being transferable, the colors are strong enough to stain the lips and its lasting power is pretty decent (2-4 hours) , not drying, make lips look smooth, velvety finish with a bit of matte, smells pleasant. And oh, have I mentioned that they are not drying!? That is a huge plus point for me. But what I dislike is that the liquid stays wet too long and they are not exactly MAD MATTE just as advertised. Because of the liquid thickness and wetness, the way they sit on top of my lips slightly “bothering” me when I use the wand?? I tried smudging my lips numerous times, but they stay wet a bit still.

Just now I have learned that you have to use your fingers to spread the tint to bring the matteness?? Because I can attest that smudging your lips alone is not enough. I guess that’s why they call it lip tint instead of a lip liquid? I am not sure. Apply very very thinly then they will be more matte, but then the colors are not vibrant enough. So when I applied a normal amount (not very thinly), the finish was still velvety -.- Dafu~

So if you see one or two colors that intrigue you, I would say, give it a try.

Rating: 3.5/5.



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