Kintan Buffet in Medan

Mochi Mochi! I am gonna talk about my experience in eating at Kintan Buffet in Medan, Indonesia. It is a Japanese buffet restaurant and let’s see what I think about it!

Kintan Buffet in Medan

Address : JL Uskup Agung No. 12, Medan Hulu, Medan Polonia Kota Medan, Sumatera Utara Indonesia 2051
Tel : (+62)061 451 0469
Operation Hour : 10:00-22:00
Eating Time: 90 minutes
Price: around IDR 180,000 after tax / person, per year 2019.

The moment you walk in the door, the server will ask you, “Shiburi? Or Kintan?” Shiburi suggests the steamboat version, while Kintan suggests the grilling version. I chose the grilling version.

The menu offers four types of buffets: regular, kintan, premium and special wagyu. The difference is the amount of meat and chicken offered and the quality of the meat. The more expensive ones offer nicer selections, such as the wagyu meat. I asked my wallet and it said it chose regular.

Upon seating, the server will explain the current payment promos, explain the eating rules and ask what two kinds of initial meats you would like to have. Later on, you can order more. The eating window is 90 minutes. After 90 minutes, you cannot order anything and you will already have done eating by then, whatever leftover on the table may be subjected to additional price.

Apart from the menu, there is a buffet area where you can stand up and take the items to your table. The offers are: salad, shrimps, ice creams, cassavas, udon, spaghetti, karaage (fried chicken), sushi, other small things I dont remember + drinks (ocha, lemon tea, orange juice (not real), coke, water). You may not eat those after 90 minutes have past, too.

The white thing above is a scallop, I guess. I had no idea how long to leave it on the grill but it ended up  bit chewy and tasteless. The spaghetti, karaage and cassavas on the buffet table were delicious. Definitely a must try.

My favorite would be Pork Shoulder, as it is cut small and super fast to grill. I prefer to grill it mid-rare, while the meat looks still slightly red, because then it will be soft and perfect to bite and not chewy.

At the end, I ordered an ice cream. They offer three selections: vanila, matcha, and a mix of vanilla and match. The matcha did not taste that amazing to my tongue but the vanilla was delish. Both of the ice cream textures were pretty nice. There are three topping selections too: cornflakes, choco chips and peanuts. The ice cream was pretty addicting that I had two cups.

To sum it up, I think Kintan Buffet Restaurant is worth the price and offers a great selection of tasty foods and I will definitely love to come back!

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